At Lovett Dental Corpus Christi, we take great pride in the treatment services that we provide. Our goal is to make sure that our patients come to see us at our offices at least twice per year for preventive care so we can identify oral health issues before they develop. In some cases, we may recommend ridge augmentation services. Just like all of our treatment options, including emergency services, we want to make sure that everyone understands exactly how this procedure works before the day of the operation. If you are in need of a ridge augmentation, reach out to our team today.

Why Do I Need a Ridge Augmentation Procedure?

patient getting help with ridge augmentationFirst, you might be asking yourself why you need this procedure. There are several possible reasons why we might recommend a ridge augmentation to our patients. According to medical studies, some of the most common reasons include:

  • You may have recently undergone a surgical procedure, such as a tooth extraction, that has altered the contour in your mouth.
  • You could have suffered a recent traumatic injury that knocked out one or more of your teeth, impacting the contour of your jaw.
  • There might be an infection present that has damaged the soft tissue in your mouth.
  • You could have a congenital issue that has impacted the way your teeth come in.

If you had a tooth removed recently, then the socket might have collapsed. This impacts your mouth’s contour and could make it harder for you to keep your mouth healthy. We will provide you with outstanding ridge augmentation and dental services.

Localized vs. Comprehensive Ridge Augmentation

In general, there are two separate types of operations that we might provide. The first is called a localized augmentation procedure. This procedure only occurs in a localized part of your jaw, where we believe you need augmentation the most. For example, if you are considering getting a dental implant to replace a tooth that has recently been removed, you need to make sure there is enough bone and gum tissue to support the implant. In that case, we may perform the augmentation in that one specific location.

The second type of procedure is called a comprehensive augmentation operation. In general, we perform the same technique over a more expensive area. In some cases, we may perform bone augmentation using your own bone tissue. In other cases, we might use a synthetic or cadaver bone material. Our goal is to make sure that we fortify your entire jaw to make sure that we can move forward with whatever oral health procedure you need next.

Does The Procedure Hurt?

Of course, one of the main concerns that people have is whether this procedure will hurt. Patients might feel sore after the procedure is finished. Therefore, we will work with you to make sure that we have a comprehensive recovery plan that has been tailored to meet your needs. Please rest assured that we will use a local anesthetic to numb your mouth before we start this procedure. We want to keep you as comfortable as possible during and after the operation.

Call Lovett Dental Corpus Christi for Ridge Augmentation

If you have been told that you need ridge augmentation, then look no further than Lovett Dental Corpus Christi. We make sure that we follow the best practices in our industry. We will work with you to ensure that you have access to comprehensive oral health treatment services that will keep your mouth healthy. Please contact us using 361-986-1117 to make an appointment with a dentist from our team. We are here to help you.