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Don’t let crooked or crowded teeth ruin your smile or lower your confidence. At Lovett Dental Corpus Christi, our expert dental staff understands the importance of straight teeth. We know being self-conscious about your teeth can close you off to living the life you want. Therefore, we commit to providing all the dental services you need. Alongside our specialty dental services, we offer:

dental braces tx, person putting on clear bracesOrthodontic Issues

Perhaps the most common orthodontic issue leading to braces is misalignment. This condition involves gaps between teeth as well as teeth seeming to overcrowd the mouth. Frequently, children and adolescents need braces because their teeth have shifted or haven’t shifted properly as their adult teeth have come in. Similarly, adults may need braces as their teeth may have slowly shifted over the years, been affected by tooth removal, or just never have been treated when younger. Misalignment produces gaps between your teeth, over and underbite, making chewing and swallowing difficult. Also, misalignment puts you at an increased risk of gum disease. Regular appointments with your dentist can help you identify any misaligned teeth.

Your dentist will schedule an initial consultation to examine the state of your teeth. Typically, patients will also have a tooth cleaning done as well as have X-rays or molds taken. The actual bonding process when the braces are put on is painless. However, it can take up to two hours. Finally, once you have your braces on, there will be periodic adjustments to keep your future smile on track.

Types of Dental Braces

Once you and your dentist determine you or your child needs dental braces, you must discuss the types of braces available. Knowing the options available to you or your loved one is important. For a child or adolescent, being involved in this process gives a sense of control, making the process less daunting for them. As you speak with your dentist, you’ll find the right type of braces for you. For example, you might be able to choose among standard metal braces, clear ceramic braces, or clear aligner trays.

Standard metal braces consist of stainless steel. They are very sturdy and are likely what you imagine when you hear the word braces. Ceramic braces are strong, solid braces. But instead of stainless steel, these feature tooth-colored ceramic. Individuals concerned with the appearance of their teeth in pictures often are interested in these. Clear aligner trays, like ceramic braces, are designed to lower the noticeability of having dental braces. However, unlike clear ceramic braces, clear aligners are lightweight acrylic trays that can be easily removed for cleaning.

Whatever style you choose, you will have to have your braces adjusted from time to time. The typical length of time dental braces are used is between six months and 30 months. The types of dental braces that our patients have to choose from vary depending on the patient.

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